Pink oyster growkit

(Pleurotus djamor)


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Our pink oyster mushrooms are a delicate and striking fungus, with a soft and velvety texture that feels gentle to touch.

Its cap is a vivid shade of pink, ranging from a pale, almost translucent blush to a deep, rich fuchsia that almost glows in the light. The cap's surface is smooth and slightly moist, with a sheen that catches the eye.

As you run your fingers along the gills beneath the cap, you can feel their thin, delicate fronds brushing against your skin.

The scent of the mushroom is earthy and slightly sweet, with a hint of nuttiness that lingers in the air.

When cooked, the pink oyster mushroom takes on a tender, juicy texture and a flavor that is both mild and pleasantly savory, with a subtle hint of sweetness and a slight nuttiness that adds depth and richness to any dish.

Pink oyster mushrooms are really good for you too! They’re rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals such as iron, potassium, and calcium.

Made to order

Suitable for beginners

Harvest guaranteed

Handmade in Finland


Pink oyster (Pleurotus djamor) is a beautiful tropical mushroom that grows really fast and agressively.

It is considered a delicacy but likely won't be found fresh in stores due to it's short shelf life.

The pink oyster is also known as the bacon mushroom.
Try frying it in sunflower oil and seasoning it with salt and pepper.

Our grow kits are made at the site of our mushroom laboratory located in the Finnish countryside.

Just follow the instructions and you can enjoy fresh mushrooms grown at home in a couple of weeks time!

When making the grow kits we mix sawdust, wheat bran and water together.

When the substrate mix have been packaged into grow bags they go through sterilisation.

After the bags have been cooled down we inoculate them with mycelium that is grown on site.

That is it! No chemicals or nasty stuff!

Made to order

Mushroom mycelium is a fresh product and you will get the best results if the mycelium is as fresh as possible upon arrival.

Because of this we make all products containing mushroom mycelium to order.
If we were to keep stock of mycelium products it would in the end make for a worse product. 

The normal lead time of most products containing mycelium is 2-3 weeks.

The mycelium need some time to ”take over” or colonize the growth substrate once they have been manufactored.

Otherwise there is a risk that the mycelium would not be strong enough to survive the shipping process.

The lead time however varies and is not set in stone. 

Sometimes orders are shipped faster due to planned overproduction.

During busier periods the lead times might be longer due to production bottlenecks.

If you want your order to be delivered in a certain date range please let us know about it in the message field in the shopping cart.

We try our best to accommodate delivery date requests. 

Harvest guarantee

Cultivating mushrooms can be a challenging task.

Our growing kits however make growing mushrooms as easy at it can be.

You just need to follow the provided instructions and you can enjoy homegrown gourmet mushrooms in 1-3 weeks time.

We are so certain in our growing kits that we guarantee at least one harvest from them.

You can get multiple harvests out of a kit but later harvest are more depending on the growth environment and care given to the kit. To maximize the potential of the kits please read our in-depth guide.

If you for some reason don’t get an harvest even if you followed the instructions we will send you a new kit or refund you.

Please note that our harvest guarantee only applies to orders shipped inside the European Economic Area.

How to use

Growing mushroom at home with a grow kit is easy. 

Just open the kit and spray it with water mist on 2-3 occasions every day and it will produce mushrooms.

We do recommend that you read our in-depth guide and check the mushroom specific growth conditions to get the most out of the kits.

Growth conditions

The following growth conditions are optimal if you want to get the best results from your Pink oyster growkit

Temperature range: 20 - 30 ° C
Humidity range: 80 - 90 % RH
CO2 level: <1200 ppm
Light level: 1000-2000 lux

The pink oyster is a tropical mushroom species and will not grow if the temperature is too low.