King oyster mushroom dowels


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1 liter (~250 pcs)

Made to order

Grow mushrooms outdoors

Aspen logs recommended

Made in Finland


Start your own mushroom garden!
King oyster mushroom dowels (plug spawn) for inoculation of logs or stumps

Growing mushrooms on logs is a fun project for people interested in gardening.
It is not particularly costly or time-consuming to get started.

When inoculating logs with mushroom dowels you usually use around 50 dowels per meter of log. With the one litre of mushroom dowels you can inoculate around 5 meter of logs.

The mycelium plugs are manufactured in our mushroom laboratory located in the Finnish countryside.

Start your own mushroom garden project today!

How to use

Growing mushroom on logs outdoors is easy.

Insert the plugs into freshly cut hardwood logs and cover the plugs with protective wax.

Remember to check on the logs every once in a while and make sure they are still moist!

We do recommend that you read our in-depth guide before getting started to get the best results from the dowels.

Made to order

Mushroom mycelium is a fresh product and you will get the best results if the mycelium is as fresh as possible upon arrival.

Because of this we make all products containing mushroom mycelium to order.
If we were to keep stock of mycelium products it would in the end make for a worse product. 

The normal lead time of most products containing mycelium is 2-3 weeks.

The mycelium need some time to ”take over” or colonize the growth substrate once they have been manufactored.

Otherwise there is a risk that the mycelium would not be strong enough to survive the shipping process.

The lead time however varies and is not set in stone. 

Sometimes orders are shipped faster due to planned overproduction.

During busier periods the lead times might be longer due to production bottlenecks.

If you want your order to be delivered in a certain date range please let us know about it in the message field in the shopping cart.

We try our best to accommodate delivery date requests.