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Long term growing

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Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) is a parasitic fungus that grow on birch trees.

The mushroom is often called the king of medicinal fungi and has been used as a medicinal fungus in Asia for a long time.

The Sami also have a long tradition of using chaga for medical purposes.

Chaga is a quite rare mushroom as it does not spread so easily naturally. The demand for the mushroom is high and it can not be cultivated without a living birch tree as a host.

This brings an interesting opportunity to forest owners who have a lot of birch trees in their forests.

You can cultivate Chaga in your forest by inoculating living birch trees with our Chaga dowels.

If Chaga is growing naturally in your region it is a good fit for cultivation.

We recommend that you insert 4-5 dowels per tree at an 50 cm interval.

Long term growing

Chaga is a slowly growing fungus.

After you have inserted the dowels into a living birch tree it takes up to 3 years before the chaga sclerotia or "mushroom" itself begins to grow.

Before that the mushroom mycelium is hard at work in the heartwood of the birch tree. Slowly growing stronger and taking over.

You can expect the first harvest within 6-8 years. 
After the first harvest, you can get several smaller harvests from the same tree. 
However, the harvest will become smaller every time.

When the nutrition in the tree has run out, you can cut it down and use it as firewood.

How to use

Chaga can be grown by inoculating living birch trees with dowels that live chaga mycelium grows on.

The inoculation works best on young trees with a diameter of between 15 – 25 cm.

The best time of the year to inoculate Chaga in the Nordic countries is between May-October.

When inoculating birch trees with chaga dowels we recommend using 4-5 dowels per tree.

Place the dowels at approximately 50 cm intervals snd cover the ends of the dowels with protective vax.

We recommend that you read our in-depth guide before you use the dowels.

Made to order

Mushroom mycelium is a fresh product and you will get the best results if the mycelium is as fresh as possible upon arrival. 

Because of this we make all products containing mushroom mycelium to order.
If we were to keep stock of mycelium products it would in the end make for a worse product. 

During the period May-October the lead time for Chaga dowels are 2-3 weeks from ordering.

You can order Chaga dowels year-round but outside of the earlier mentioned time period the lead times are longer.

The mycelium need some time to ”take over” or colonize the growth substrate once they have been manufactored.

Otherwise there is a risk that the mycelium would not be strong enough to survive the shipping process.

If you want your order to be delivered in a certain date range please let us know about it in the message field in the shopping cart. 

We try our best to accommodate delivery date requests.