About the mushrooms

Are the mushrooms available throughout the whole year ?
We grow mushrooms all year around. We don’t grow all species at all times.

If you want a specific mushrooms species delivered at a specific time it is usually possible if you order well in advance.

What packaging sizes are the mushrooms sold in?
All our mushrooms are available in 1500 g boxes (restaurant size) and 500 g boxes (consumer size).
How do I best store the mushrooms?
The mushrooms are best stored in the original packaging at between 1-3 degrees Celsius.
How long can I store the mushrooms?
How long you can store the mushrooms depends on the species. Please check the product pages for the induvidual species for more information.
Do I need to clean the mushrooms before use?
No, the mushrooms are clean and ready to use.
There is something fussy growing on my mushrooms. Is it mold?
No, if it is white and growing on the cap of the mushroom or on the stem it’s not mold. It is the mushrooms own mycelium that has started to grow.

This is normal and can happen if the humidity in your fridge is high. The mushrooms are safe to use.

Where can I buy your mushrooms?

Do you sell mushrooms to companies?
Yes, we do sell mushrooms to companies. Mainly to restaurants and stores.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Do you sell mushrooms to individuals?
Yes, we do sell mushrooms to individuals.

Individuals can buy our mushrooms in the farm shop and in some local stores.

If you are missing our mushrooms in your local store you can ask the merchant to stock them

Do you deliver fresh mushrooms to the whole of Finland?
Due to the corona pandemic we only deliver fresh mushrooms to the Ostrobothnia region at the moment.
Is it possible to get samples of your mushrooms?
Yes, we supply restaurants with samples of our mushrooms.

We do not supply samples to private individuals at this time.

If you want samples of our mushrooms please contact us.

How far in advance do I need to order mushrooms?
Mushroom species that we already have in production at the moment can be delivered on a shorter notice.

Mushroom species that we do not have in production at the moment usually needs to be ordered 6 weeks before the first delivery.

What is the minimum order quantity that you deliver?
Minimum order quantity varies depending on delivery routes.

Please contact us for minimum order quantites to your location.