Questions about the webshop

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do ship internationally.

Feel free to order directly through the webshop or contact us.

How long are the delivery times?
Because almost all products are manufactored to order the delivery times varies.
The delivery time for most products are 2-3 weeks.
What payment methods are available?
You can pay your order through Paytrail and Paypal.
What shipment methods are available?

We ship all order with the Finnish postal office (Posti) or GLS.

The shipping is free of charge within Finland.
EU and international orders will be charged shipping fees depending on destination country.

To most EU countries we offer free shipping on orders over 100 €.

There are country specific differences. So please check the shipping banner for the free shipping threshold to your specific country.


Questions about growkits

How big yields can you get from the grow kits?
How much mushrooms you can harvest from a kit depends on the species and how good care you take of the kit.

The first harvest usually is between 500-750 g.
The second and third harvests are smaller. (Second and third harvest not guaranteed.)

Which growkit is best for beginners?
For beginners we recommend the grey oyster or pink oyster growkit.
Help my mushrooms are drying out!
Spray the grow kit with water multiple times per day.

You can also build a humidity tent by poking many small holes in a loosely fitting plastic bag.
Spray the grow kit with water and put the humidity tent over the grow kit.

There are already growing small mushrooms in the kit when I got it.
This is normal and can happen during shipping
Ignore the baby mushrooms and follow the instuctions on the grow kit.
My grow kit is all white. Is it contaminated with mold?
No, the white fluffy stuff that you see in the grow bag is mushroom mycelium.
This is how the kit is suposed to look.

Slash the bag open and spray the grow kit with water multiple times a day to start the mushroom growth.

I still think the kit is contaminated.
Snap a picture of the area you think is contaminated and send it to

If the grow kit is contaminated we will send out a replacement.

Questions about Chaga dowels

Do you also buy cultivated Chaga?
We plan to soon start buying Chaga grown in Finland.

You are however free to sell your Chaga to whoever you want.
If you want to sell Chaga pleasecontact us before harvesting.

What is the success rate of the Chaga dowels?
The success rate varies depending on the forest itself.
Usually araound 75 % of the inoculated dowels suceed.
Do you have to cover the dowels with protective vax?
It is not mandatory to cover the dowels with protective vax but we highly recommend it.

Protective vax is included with all Chaga dowel orders.

How do I know that the inoculation has worked?
Chaga is a slowly growing mushroom.

The first sign of a sucessful inoculation is that the area around the dowel becomes darker.
It takes up to four years after inoculation until the Chaga lump itself starts to grow on the trees.

Can someone else pick the Chaga that I’ve innoculated?
In Finland it is not legal to pick Chaga without the landowners permission.

Chaga theft is quite rare but does happen. It is wise to confirm that your insurence covers Chaga cultivation before inoculating larger amounths.