Sterilised rye grains

230 kr

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Made to order

Injection port for easy inoculation

Make your own grain spawn

Made in Finland

Making your own grain spawn from scratch can be a frustrating process.

It is time consuming and require both special equipment and patience.
So we came up with a way to make it easier and more accessible!

This bag contains rye grains that have been pre hydrated and sterilised in an commercial autoclave.
The bag is sealed shut but allows for air exchange through it’s filter patch.

It also sports a neat self healing injection port that allows for easy inoculation with liquid culture.
Just push the sterile needle through the injection port and squirt around 10 ml of liquid culture onto the grains.

Voila! That is it!
Now you just need to wait until the mycelium have colonised the grains.

After that you can use your own grain spawn however you like.

What are you waiting for?
How to use

Inject the rye grains with 10 ml of liquid culture through the injection port on the bag.

For more information on how to use liquid culture please read our in-depth guide.

The rye grains can be stored unused in room temperature for up to 3 months.

Made to order

Our sterilised rye grain bags are made to order.

We do not keep them in stock.

The lead time of the bags are however not as long as the lead time of products containing mushroom mycelium.

If your order also contains product containing mushroom mycelium we will ship all items once the mycelium is strong enough to be shipped.

If your order contains only sterilised rye grains it will be shipped as soon as the grains have been sterilised.