Mushroom growing made easy.

Mushrooms can be so much more than tired looking button mushrooms from the convenience store.

That is what we set out to prove and the journey have been crazy.

We started out in 2016 as a mushroom farm specialised in fresh gourmet mushrooms.

Our mushrooms quickly grew popular and were favourites among both fine dining restaurants and hobby chefs.

Different types of mushrooms bring different taste experiences and textures into the mix.

High quality mushrooms delivered fresh were our mantra and soon we were shipping mushrooms all over Finland.

Fresh mushrooms however are kind of limiting when you are on a mission to spread the glory of gourmet mushrooms.

We started to get request from all around Europe. But the problem was the perishability of the fresh mushrooms.

There really is not any good way to ship smaller quantities of fresh mushrooms long distance without needing to sell your kidneys to pay for the shipping costs.

The requests showed us that gourmet mushrooms are not that easy to come by in most European countries.

Now we are on a mission to change that.

We have developed different ranges of products that enable you to easily grow your own gourmet mushrooms at home.

We want you to be able to easily grow fine dining worthy mushrooms at home.

And we all know that things that you have grown yourself taste the best.

So that makes this even more exciting!

We are keeping the products simple to use and manufacture them without using pesticides or nasty chemicals.

Oh.. And we do not compromise on the quality. We make all mycelium products to order to ensure freshness and high quality.

It is after all a fresh product and you get the best results if the product is as fresh as possible.

Let’s start your mushroom journey today!

Products & Services

Growing kits

The easiest way to start growing your own gourmet mushrooms.

Just follow the instructions on the box and enjoy homegrown mushrooms in 1-3 weeks time.

The kits are made to order so that you get the best possible harvest and experience!

Show me the growing kits!
Mycelium dowels

Grow gourmet and medical mushrooms in your garden.

We make mushroom dowels with high quality mycelium growing on them.

We offer solutions to both forest owners and hobby gardeners.

Learn more about dowels.
Commercial solutions

Do you want to get into commercial mushroom growing but are lacking information on how to scale your grow?

Or do you want to avoid expensive mistakes while starting up?

We got you covered.

Contact us about commercial solutions.
Factory location


Österhankmovägen 688
66560 Österhankmo
Pohjanmaa, Finland

Customer service:

E-mail: hello@nackrosgarden.com
Phone: +358 2 3619 0900
Phone hours: 09:00 - 12:00 EET


Please check out the answers to frequently asked questions before contacting us.

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