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Grow kit collection

Grow kit collection

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Grow your own mushrooms at home!
This bundle contains 1 x Grey Oyster, 1 x Pink Oyster and 1 x Lion’s mane.

At Näckrosgården we specialize in growing gourmet mushrooms.
Our fresh mushrooms are used in fine dining restaurants all around Finland.

Now we want to bring the joy of growing mushrooms to you!
Our grow kits is the easiest way to grow tasty mushrooms at home!

Our grow kits are made at the site of our mushroom farm in Mustasaari.
Just follow the instructions and you can enjoy fresh mushrooms grown at home in about 2-3 weeks time.

When making the grow kits we mix sawdust, wheat bran and water together.

When the substrate mix have been packaged into grow bags they go through sterilisation.

After the bags have been cooled down we inoculate them with mycelium that is grown on site.

That is it! No chemicals or nasty stuff.

When you have harvested your mushrooms you can plant the remains of the kit outside and start your own private mushroom garden!

Have fun on your mushroom growing adventure!



Open the box at the marked line.


Cut the bag in the box open in the same way as in the illustration.


Spray the mushrooms with water multiple times per day.


Pick the mushrooms when the edge of the cap starts to flat out.

Enjoy your grey oyster mushrooms!


Continue keeping the grow kit moist for multiple harvests.

If you continue spraying the grow kit with water every day you can enjoy a second or maybe even third harvest (multiple harvests are not guaranteed).

The mushroom mycelium usually rests for 7-14 days before staring to form new mushrooms.


Mushrooms need humidity and oxygen to grow.

The most common mistake people do when using grow kits is not spraying them with enough water. Spray the kit multiple times per day.

If you live in an environment with low ambient humidity or if you notice that your grow kit is drying out while you are away from home you can try to build an humidity tent.

To make an humidity tent take a losely fitting plastic bag and poke a lot of small holes in it. The holes are important since the grow kit needs air exhange.
Spray the grow kit with water and put the humidity tent over the whole kit. The tent keeps the humidity in while at the same time allow for air exhange.