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Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at or call our customer service at +358 2 3619 0900 (09:00 - 12:00 EET)

Webshop / General

Yes, we do ship internationally.

Our main focus is on the European market.

It is however possible to order to anywhere in the world from our webshop.

Feel free to order directly through the webshop.

We ship all order with the Finnish postal office (Posti) or GLS.

Orders will be charged shipping fees depending on destination country.

To most EU countries we offer free shipping when the order value exceeds a certain threshold.

There are country specific differences. 

So please check the shipping banner for the free shipping threshold to your specific country.

You can pay order in our webshop through Paypal or Paytrail.

Paytrail offers a lot of different payment options like for example Debit/Credit card payments and direct bank transfers from selected banks.

Mushroom mycelium is a fresh product and and give the best harvests if used as fresh as possible.

Due to this most of our products are made to order so that you can get the best possible quality and experience.

The lead time for made to order products are in most cases 2-3 weeks from ordering. 

This since the mycelium need some time to colonize or ”take over” the growth substrate once the products have been manufactored.

Otherwise there is a risk that the mycelium would not be strong enough to survive the shipping process.

The lead time however varies and is not set in stone.

During periods of high order volumes the lead time might be longer. 

The lead time can also be shorter if we have planned overproduction of some product.

If you want your order to arrive on a specific date please let us know in the message field on the cart page. We try to accommodate the requests the best we can.

You can check the status of your order by entering your order number and e-mail adress into our order tracking form .

Please note that orders that have made to order items in them and have started production can no longer be cancelled.

Yes, we do have an affiliate marketing program.

You can apply for the program right here. 

We do have options for retailers.

Please send an e-mail to with more information about your company and location.

Mushroom growing kits

For beginners we recommend the grey oyster , elm oyster or pink oyster growkits.

No, the mushrooms that we sell growing kits of won’t get you high.

This since they do not contain psilocybin or similar psychoactive substances.

Psilocybin mushrooms are illegal in most of Europe and cultivating them is also illegal in most countries.

We sell gourmet mushrooms that are supposed to be used for cooking high quality meals.

How much mushrooms you can harvest from a kit depends on the species and how good care you take of the kit.

The first harvest usually is between 500-750 g. 

The second and third harvests will be smaller. 

(Second and third harvest not guaranteed.)

Yes, You can harvest multiple times from a kit as long as you care for it.

The customer record is 5 harvests from a kit. 

Most customers get 2-3 harvests out of the kits.

We do however only guarantee the first harvest since the later harvests are demanding more on the care given and the environment where the kits are kept than the first harvest. 

We recommend that you remove all ”mushroom remains” once you are harvesting the mushrooms from the kit. If you leave small mushrooms or stems behind in the substrate they might cause contamination once they start decomposing.

Make sure to fold the flaps of the plastic bag down again once you have harvested.

The flaps help keep moisture inside of the kit. If you leave the flaps folded up it is easier for the kit to dry out.

The mycelium in the kit usually rests for around two weeks before it is ready to produce more mushrooms.

Continue spraying the kit daily and it will start producing more mushrooms as soon as the mycelium is ready again.

Since we are dealing with and shipping living organisms it is almost impossible to get to a 100 % success rate for the kits.

Mushroom mycelium is quite sensitive and things can happen during shipping or production.

That is why we offer our harvest guarantee.

If for some reason your growing kit does not produce at least one harvest you just contact our customer service at and we will ship you a replacement kit or refund you.

Make sure to include pictures of the kit and your original order number when sending your e-mail.

It is as simple as that.

Please note our harvest guarantee only is only applicable to orders within the European Union.

Orders shipped outside of the European Union is at the buyers own risk.

The harvest guarantee can also not be redeemed if the instructions on how to use the kit have not been followed.

Spray the grow kit with water multiple times per day.

2-3 times per day usually is enough.

When spraying the kit 5-8 sprays usually is a good amount.

You can also build a humidity tent by poking many small holes in a loosely fitting plastic bag.
Spray the grow kit with water and put the humidity tent over the grow kit.

This will help keep the humidity in the air to stay high for longer.

No, the white fluffy stuff that you see in the grow bag is mushroom mycelium.

This is how the kit is suposed to look.

Slash the bag open and spray the grow kit with water multiple times a day to start the mushroom growth.

Snap a picture of the area you think is contaminated and send it to

Make sure to include your order number when sending your e-mail.

If the grow kit is contaminated we will send out a replacement.

The kits are designed to be able to be stored unopened in room temperature for up to 7 days once the kits arrive.

If you want to store the kits longer is is possible to keep them in the fridge unopened for up to 4 weeks.

The only exception to this is the pink oyster kit. 

That one can not be stored long term in the fridge due to it’s tropical nature.

Chaga dowels

Cultivation of Chaga on living birch trees is still quite new and have successfully been tested in Scandinavia.

It might be possible to cultivate Chaga further south in an warmer climate as well.

But that is something that is still to be tested on a larger scale.

After the inoculation of the mycelium dowels, it takes up to 3 years before the “lump” of chaga begins to grow.

You can expect the first harvest within 5-8 years. 

After the first harvest, you can get several smaller harvests from the same tree. 

Yes, if you want to cultivate Chaga you need to insert the dowels into living Birch trees.

If you insert the dowels into logs, stumps or dead trees you will not succeed.

If you want to grow mushrooms on logs or stumps please check out our selection of gourmet mushroom dowels.

The best time of the year to inoculate Chaga is between May-October.

If you are inserting Chaga dowels during the spring it is best to do it once the birch sap season have started to calm down.

It is not mandatory to cover the dowels with protective wax but we highly recommend it.

Protective wax is included with all Chaga dowel orders.

The success rate varies depending on the forest itself.
Usually araound 75 % of the inoculated dowels suceed.

Chaga is a slowly growing mushroom.

The first sign of a sucessful inoculation is that the area around the dowel becomes darker.
It takes up to four years after inoculation until the Chaga lump itself starts to grow on the trees.

In Finland it is not legal to pick Chaga without the landowners permission.

Chaga theft is quite rare but does happen.

It is wise to confirm that your insurence covers Chaga cultivation before inoculating larger amounths.